Cocoa powder from Cameroon

High-quality cocoa powder directly from Cameroon.

Discover the unparalleled quality of our cocoa powder, which comes directly from the sunny plantations of Cameroon. Immerse yourself in the traditional art of cocoa processing and enjoy the authentic taste of cocoa from its homeland.
Alkalized cocoa powder

Alkalized cocoa powder

Perfect for producing chocolate and other cocoa-based products in the food industry.
Raw cocoa powder

Raw cocoa powder

Versatile and perfect for universal applications with its high fat content and creamy texture.
Plain cocoa powder

Plain cocoa powder

With a low fat content and fruity-sour taste - perfect for flavoring recipes.
Cocoa powder from Cameroon

Delicious creations: Our first-class cocoa powder from Cameroon

The art of making cocoa powder

Find out more about the fascinating world of cocoa powder from Cameroon and discover the diverse applications of our high-quality products.

Our manufacturing method

To produce our high-quality cocoa powder, the carefully selected cocoa beans are first gently fermented, dried and roasted. This process extracts their full chocolate aroma from the beans and forms the basis for our first-class products.

The cocoa beans are then separated from their shells and crushed. Grinding creates a cocoa mass, from which we finally obtain the cocoa powder by separating it from the natural cocoa butter. The result: cocoa powder with a low fat content and an intense chocolaty aroma, as well as high-quality cocoa butter that is rich in fats.

The diverse applications of our cocoa powder

Culinary enjoyment: Give your favorite recipes a special touch with our high-quality cocoa powder. From chocolate cake to brownies, discover the endless possibilities of culinary uses.

Natural beauty care: Our pure and natural cocoa powder is not only an ingredient for the kitchen, but also a treasure for your skin and hair care routine. Rich in antioxidants and nourishing nutrients, it offers a luxurious care experience for radiant skin and silky hair.

Health Benefits: Our high-quality cocoa powder is not only a pleasure, but also health-promoting. Thanks to its high antioxidant and flavonoid content, it can help protect against free radicals, improve heart health and increase overall well-being.

Aromatic atmosphere: Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with our high quality cocoa powder. Use it as an ingredient to make scented candles, potpourri bags or simply as a home fragrance to create a pleasant sensory experience.

Our different cocoa powder variants

Alkalized cocoa powder: Perfect for producing chocolate and other cocoa-based products in the food industry.

Raw cocoa powder: Vielseitig einsetzbar und perfektioniert für universelle Anwendungen mit seinem hohen Fettgehalt und der cremigen Textur.

Simple cocoa powder: With a low fat content and a unique fruity and sour chocolate taste - ideal for flavoring recipes.

Discover the variety of Norybeans cocoa powders and enrich your life with the incomparable taste and numerous possible uses of cocoa from Cameroon. Secure your offer today!
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